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China Magnetic Materials Market Outlook 2010-2013

2010-2013, China's magnetic materials industry trend and investment prospect of running Consultation Report (3)
5, new market development in energy industry applications

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Magnetic materials in the application of new energy industry mainly refers to the pure electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid vehicles as a symbol of the new energy applications in the automotive industry, as well as wind power, solar energy devices, Compaq Laptop Battery marked in the new development and applications.

As early as January 23, 2009, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science has issued the "Regulations on energy conservation and new energy vehicle demonstration and extension of experimental work notice" for the expansion of automobile consumption,Compaq Armada E500 Battery, Compaq EVO N100 battery, Compaq Evo N1020V battery, Compaq Evo N1000C battery, speed up the restructuring auto industry, and promote energy conservation and new energy vehicles industry, decided in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Changchun, Dalian, Hangzhou, Jinan, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Hefei, Changsha, Kunming, Nanchang, and other cities in 13 energy-saving and new energy vehicle demonstration and promotion of pilot work, to fiscal policy to encourage public transportation, rental, service, sanitation and postal and other public services, the first to promote the use of energy-saving and new energy vehicles, to promote the use of units to buy energy-saving and new energy vehicles grant. Among them, the central government focuses on the purchase of energy-saving and new energy vehicles will provide subsidies to local governments focus on the related infrastructure construction and maintenance grant. Following the clear in Beijing and other cities in 13 energy-saving and new energy vehicle demonstration and promotion of pilot work, the Ministry of Finance to further confirm the central government issued a document on the purchase of energy-saving and new energy vehicles object of subsidies and standards, which is the highest standard of car allowance the maximum ratio of 50% electric power fuel cell bus, will receive 600,000 yuan per vehicle to promote subsidies.

National auto industry policy, relatives and friends launch energy, greatly stimulated the electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicle industry. Compaq Armada E500 Battery, Electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles is a critical component of a lithium ion battery and NdFeB permanent magnet synchronous motor is most suitable for permanent magnet synchronous motor permanent magnet materials. Count the next few years will be a hybrid rapid development in China and abroad, and broad prospects in this field.

Pure electric vehicle (EV) charging device with ferrite. Inductive charging system (ICS, Inductive Charging System) to overcome the shortcomings of contact, safe, reliable, stable performance, represents the development direction of charging technology, in which charging mode, the charging station and one each side and car-side with a soft magnetic ferrite material can form large, flat core, which embedded coil. Charge near the two coils form a transformer, the initial level by the magnetic coupling between the high-frequency AC power from the feed in the battery charging station, TKD PC44, PC47 or FDK 6H40, 6H45 and so is the production of low loss power ferrite magnetic coupling device more suitable for the core material.

Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) power systems ferrite. In order to implement complex power conversion and transmission functions, HEV power system more than the use of a transformer and choke power conversion. In order to ensure the long-term reliability under harsh operating environment and maintain high efficiency, Compaq EVO N100 battery, the cores of these transformers and chokes are high-performance, wide temperature low loss power ferrite materials, such as TDK PC95 or FDK 6H60 and other materials. Hybrid electric vehicle is one of the core components of energy conversion by DC - DC converter, which uses a similar TDK PC95 high-performance, wide low-loss ferrite core, which is optimistic about the future of a high-end market.

The development of new energy vehicles in China, first of all thanks to the great efforts of the national level,Compaq Armada E500 Battery, Compaq EVO N100 battery, Compaq Evo N1020V battery, Compaq Evo N1000C battery, in June 2009, issued by the Ministry of Industry Amendment "new energy automobile manufacturing companies and product access management rules", and access to new energy standards for auto companies the refinement. By 2012, the Ministry of Finance will promote the use of new energy vehicles focus on the charging power plant construction and power grids, the average consumer purchase of financial subsidies and tax relief, and related corporate tax relief. The next three years, the Government will help fund the development of new energy vehicles, technological innovation and the development of specific parts, and the annual investment of up to 33 billion.

2009 is the new energy automotive industry, the fastest-growing year, but also the most frequent introduction of the policy year. This year, led by the Ministry of Science and National energy conservation and new energy vehicles started large-scale application projects, which led to the new energy automotive market has made great progress. Number of pure electric and hybrid vehicles as the leading new energy in the mass production of many car companies have been listed. Chery Automobile, Compaq Evo N1020V battery, Chang'an Automobile, FAW, Dongfeng, Foton and a number of car prices advance preparation, and have tasted the sweetness of the new energy vehicle market.
In the field of wind power, rare earth permanent magnet motor in terms of relative to the coil motor has many advantages. Such as high efficiency, large-scale wind power installed capacity to meet the requirements of such trends. The future of wind power installed capacity increased rapidly, on the rare earth permanent magnet motor of wind power demand will show rapid growth momentum.

In the wind power industry, in addition to extensive use of permanent magnetic materials, energy conversion process in the inverter, converter, and a large number of anti-electromagnetic interference, also need to soft magnetic materials; solar power equipment and devices, variable frequency power conversion process takes , current and voltage converters, as well as a large number of anti-electromagnetic interference and other needs of soft magnetic materials.

? China Magnetic Materials Market Outlook 2010-2013

1, stimulation of domestic demand, the domestic downstream applications market continues to improve,Compaq Armada E500 Battery, Compaq EVO N100 battery, Compaq Evo N1020V battery, Compaq Evo N1000C battery, but the market competition will intensify.
1) The continued development of the automobile industry, automotive electronics, there is a large market potential;
2) accelerate the replacement of consumer electronics market, the market size growing, but profits will not sync up;
3) 3G communications to further develop and market a certain space;
4) energy-efficient lighting engineering market, the rapid development in the integration;
5) the development of new energy industry application market will continue to highlight.
2, magnetic materials industry in China will be in fierce competition in the market development.
1) labor and energy costs is the trend;Compaq Evo N1000C battery,
2) fluctuations in raw material prices continue to rise is still inevitable;
3) magnetic products and electronic components exports will slow recovery in the twists and turns;
4) intense competition in the domestic downstream users and the inevitable price war to force down the price of magnetic materials business, profit decline slowly;
5) No production scale, mass production of middle and low business survival hard magnetic materials;
6) The cost and technology advantages of the enterprises will develop well;
7) China Magnetic overall level of research and development and production of snap to the international advanced level, the production by the magnetic power to a power forward

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